Sunday, December 16, 2007

Masinagudi: A Live Dream

Masinagudi: A Live Dream

It’s an exotic locale situated a few kilometers before Ooty, on the Karnataka - Tamil Nadu Border. Masinagudi is a beautiful place on the foothills of Nilgiris just after the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. The place is lush green, peaceful and adventurous at the same time with a lot of trekking and hiking options available for one and all.

About our trip:

On an early Saturday morning we embarked on a journey to Masinagudi. Little did we know that our fun trip would turn out to be an experience of a lifetime. The crowded Bangalore roads gave way to the empty village paths surrounded with bright yellow sunflowers on both the sides. The polluted air of the city was suddenly replaced by fresh clean air of the hills. Not only was the transformation reliving but it also calmed our mind and senses.

On the border of Tamil Nadu as we were about to reach the foothills of Nilgiris, we were warmly welcomed by the Monkeys who jumped all around our bus treating us as visitors on their land. The ride inside the dense forest was more adventurous than watching the movie ‘Kaal’. For a change we had to stop for herds of Deer, Snake, Elephants and peacocks to pass instead of the usual vehicle traffic on the city roads. The noise of the city was replaced by the sweet chirping of the birds. (Yes, it’s true! You can witness lot of wildlife around this area as it is very near to the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary) round afternoon we reached Monarch Safari Lodge (This resort seemed like a best pick after undertaking an intensive survey of the available options on the internet). The resort was beautifully placed amidst the gigantic Nilgiri Mountains surrounding it on all four sides. The “machan” style cottages were a reliving change than hanging on the second floor of a concrete apartment. The smell of wooden flooring and cane laltens gave a rustic touch to the tree houses, making us feel in true blend with Mother Nature.

The trek in the area around the resort was the best activity to get involved in. There were a number of hills around the resort where one could trek. (There are huge grasslands too so morning walks are also possible and highly favorable). Every step we took brought us closer to nature.

The beauty of the Blue Mountains was spell-binding. There was something special in everything attached to the place. Be it the plants, the wild flowers, the cattle, or the hill, each of the elements was in perfect harmony making the entire place a feast for the eye.

The Adivasi restaurant raised above ground level and made up of bamboo provided us with the perfect spot to dine amidst nature. In the dim light of the Laltens and amidst bamboo tables our food was served.

Morning had never looked as beautiful as it looked in Masinagudi. For a change we woke up to the chirping of the birds instead of the shrill doorbell on arrival of the milk-man. Sun God looked shielded by the clouds as wind uncle was still blowing hard making the trees and shrubs get their course of morning exercise. They all seemed to sway and shake with the wind. The calm and serene atmosphere was so soothing that we could feel as though we were flying with the birds around us. We felt as though we were moon-walking each time we walked through the woods. The simplicity, warmth and the ambience of the place was so overwhelming that it took away all our pain and filled us with a sense of joy and peace.

We realized we were smiling to ourselves.

Our one night stay in the lap of Mother Nature brought us closer to our roots and helped us rekindle the flame of life which seemed to have gone dim in the hectic city life that we dwelled in each day. We realized we didn’t need to die to see heaven; as we had just witnessed it with open eyes. And without making a mistake we captured each frame of it in our gadget. Needless to say each snap was “Picture Perfect” just like the place.

For us now onwards “Each beautiful memory of ours leads to Masinagudi”, just like Caesar ones said “All roads lead to Rome”

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