Monday, February 16, 2009

Mukutmanipur - A heavenly pleasure


Mukutmanipur is a small town in Rarh in India. It is adjacent to the dam on Kangsabati River. This is considered as the second biggest earth dam of India. Mukutmanipur is famous as one of the best picnic spot in West Bengal.

Trains are available from Kolkata to the nearest railhead Bankura. Regular buses are available from Bankura to Mukutmanipur - distance 55 Km.
One can also drive down from Kolkata to mukutmanipur easily. It will take approximately 6 hours. There are two routes. The shorter one (241KM)is

Kolkata > Tarakeswar > Arambag > Bishnupur > bankura > Mukutmanipur. The second possible route(270 KM) is Kolkata > Dankuni > Burdawan > Durgapur (till here NH2) > Bankura (SH9)> Mukutmanipur.

The second route is recommended because of the excellent road condition in spite of the additional 30 KM. Regular buses are available from Kolkata, India's gateway in the east, distance 250Km.

Kangsabati Dam. The height of the dam is 38 metres with a lake of 86 Sqkm.
The island in the middle of the lake.
Ambika Nagar - a Jain prilgrimage.

No one knows what or where the heaven is. But one will surely en­joy heavenly pleasure, if he stays at Mukut manipur in a moonlit night. Staying arrange ment is there at the top of the hillocks at Mukutmanipur. After crossing the lock gate of the Kangsabati dam on the river Kang-sabati, there is the inspection bungalow, the Kangsabati Bhaban and the Youth Hostel. The barrage on the rivers Kumari and Kang sabati is 10098 m in length and 38 m in height, the area of the dam is 86 sq km. The dam is surrounded by hills.

This small hamlet in Bankura could be the perfect healing place for your weary soul. A giant lake with deep blue water, an open-air temple and a small forest with rare birds make it an ideal destination to satisfy weekend wanderlust.

Mukutmanipur is situated on the confluence of the rivers Kumari and Kangshabati at the Bengal-Bihar border. It’s a little-known fact that Asia’s biggest earthen dam is in Mukutmanipur, constructed in the early 1970s. The tourist destination grew around the dam.
The 86-sq-m lake provides an irresistible temptation to take a boat ride. One side of the lake is rocky and draws the border between Bengal and Bihar, while the other is dotted with green patches, part of the Bangopalpur reserve forest.

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