Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sangama Trip

Sangama is the confluence of two rivers – Arkavathi and Kaveri(Cauvery). This place is around 2 hours drive from Bangalore and can be done on a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. Arkavathi will be just a small stream for most of the year and will have some water during the monsoons. It is best to visit the place in rainy season when kaveri is running full of water.

The last 5kms of the drive to Sangama is quite interesting. The road takes a steep dip into a valley and offers a nice view of the running river. The waters here are shallow and wide, so you can walk around in the water or take a dip. When you are done, you can walk through the forest, along the banks of the river for around 3kms and reach Mekedatu. You also have the option to take a bus, but most people prefer to walk. As you move towards Mekedatu, you notice the river getting narrow, until at some point there is hardly a 20 feet distance between the banks. The river runs ferociously at this point and has formed beautiful soft structures on the rocky banks. Legend has it that the channel was so narrow that sheep would jump across, and hence the name Mekedatu(Meke = sheep, datu = cross in Kannada).

To reach Sangama, drive on Kanakapura road from Bangalore. You need to leave the highway after Kanakapura and take a left. Inquire once you reach the town. Another option is to take a circuitous route by driving on the highway till Satanur and taking a left from there. Once you are in Sangama, you can take a bus that keeps shuttling between Mekedatu and Sangama. But most people prefer to walk leisurely along the riverbank. To go to Chunchi falls, take a left turn around 5km before Sangama. There is a sign on the road which you will not miss.

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