Sunday, March 22, 2015

A fun filled weekend at Mandarmoni

Hello there... i am back to trips...
and this time my little princesses(Anisha) coming along with us for the first time....
Being of just 4 months of age.... we were in full of ifs and buts for the trip.

We didn't want to go far from kolkata this time and also didn't want to travel much... so after looking to all the options... it was decided to go for the beaches.... but which one.. We have been to most of them couple of times...
So here comes friends to the rescue...Biplab, Bibhas & Arun and we decided... lets go to MANDARMONI, as it is still a virgin beach compared to others and needs less journey.
It was finalised to be a 2 day trip on the weekend as 4 of us getting a leave is a impossible.

The date was finalised to be 21st March & 22nd March.
Being a baby along we didn't want to take any chances so we did Advanced bookings for the train & hotel.

As the day of the trip got nearer due to some unavoidable reasons Bibhas could not accompany us.. also Arun was a bit dicey regarding the trip... but confirmed to be coming on last day.

The day before Arun decided to stay at my place so that we can leave together the next morning.

Day1: 21 March 2015 Saturday

We started our journey at 5:30 AM from room, took a taxi to the Howrah station to catch a train at 6:40 AM.


We started our journey at 5:30 AM from room, took a taxi to the Howrah station to catch a train at 6:40 AM.

The nearest train station is at Contai from Mandarmoni so we got down at contai around 9:40 AM. The heat was too much now.... i was little worried for my little one as i was not use to take her in such a warm conditions but i knew that once we were near the beach the heat will cool down... we thought of taking a bus to chaulkhola but due to the heat and baby we preferred taxi up to the hotel. 

We took a taxi to the Mainak hotel, this time it was observed that the road condition was good due to some recent road constructed also the road has been widened to increase the tourist flow from chowrasta to the Mandarmoni. However work is till going on towards the end...

Our hotel Mainak was about a kilometer more from Mandarmani beach start and due to high tide we have to take the narrow road to the hotel. Due to some misunderstanding we had a fight with the taxi driver related to the taxi fare (Rs 600) which was latter found to be true.

When we reached the hotel it was around Noon and the room check in time was @ 11:30 PM, we took a temporary room and ordered lunch to be prepared until the room is being cleaned, without stopping any further we jumped into the water. yaah yaah due to my baby, me and my wife could not jump together in to the sea and went in turns, we jumped crawled in the sea till we were cooled enough after the heated discussion with the taxi driver.

By the time we were back, room was already alloted, so we freshened up we saw the beach full of Red crabs, Small crabs, Big crabs, we couldn't resist ourself and started playing with the crabs, back to kid days .. trying to catch one of them, but they sense each vibration in the earth..may be in future a Earthquake sensing device... you never know.

we had a late lunch around 3.30 PM. and went for a quick nap. we took rest for an hour and then were back to the beaches as we were having only a day to enjoy. 

And this time we took our princess along to the beach as it was colder now... but were not able to stay longer at the beach as the wind was blowing heavily and we were not enough geared up for the wind. So my better half was not able to stay outside for longer time.

On the way we saw designs made by the crabs.... one should really understand how much hard work and time was used to prepare such shapes but in one wave everything gets cleared.

We walked till the Rose valley resort to see the radha-krishna temple and came back to room. 

We had some chit chat and a nice dinner, we went for sleep.

Day2: 22 March 2015 Sunday

The next day we woke up early to sea the sun rise and collect some sea shells

Once my Little princess was awake took her to the sea to enjoy.. and yes we too enjoyed a lot.

We left mandarmoni at around 4 PM to Digha via taxi (Rs 650) to catch a train. we reached Digha by 5:00 PM, still having some time in hands we went to Digha beach and ladies went for some shopping.

We were back to station to catch the train by 6:00 PM.

Reached Howrah at 10:00 PM, took a taxi and reached home at around 11:00 PM..

So a fun filled weekend got over... wish can go to beaches each month.

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