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Meghalaya - Scotland Of The East

Day 1: Mon, 28 September - Kolkata – Guwahati – Shillong - (100-110 kms).

We have a flight scheduled to leave around 2:40 PM but which left Kolkata airport 1 hour early.


Kolkata - Guwahati | Mon, 28 September 15, 14:40 hrs
NonStop Flight

Refundable Fare
Guwahati (GAU)
Duration: 0h 55m
Mon, 28 September 15, 14:40 hrs
Mon, 28 September 15, 15:35 hrs
Cabin: Economy

Reach Guwahati at 2pm. 

We hired a cab from the airport to proceed towards Shillong there will be many cab drivers willing to take you and try to get a driver which is having Meghalaya registration cab as he can give you the best bet. The cab would cost you around 1600-2000 based on your negotiation talent for us it was 1700.

2014: The shuttle runs (Contact nos. Guwhati airport counter - 09085712619. Shilong counter - 09774009248 )  in 4 trips from Shillong- Guwahati & back starting from 6am from Shillong to Guwahati Airport & the last Shuttle from Guwahati Airport to Shillong is around 4 pm. The shuttle cost 500 bucks per head. You can get tickets from the Meghalaya kiosk which is just next to the Exit at the airport,

There is nothing much to say, the road conditions are superb if you leave the stretches where fresh avalanches occurred. As you are leaving Guwahati and going towards shilliong, you will feel the terrain changing every minute the higher you go the colder it becomes. We had few tea breaks in-between. As we have not done any booking for the day we thought of trying Orchid lake resort, Umiam lake to stay but when we reached there it was already dark so our driver said it is not worthy to try now as rooms may not be available.

Just before entering shilliong seeing the traffic jam, it reminded me of Kolkata and the jams, but people here are very disciplined they follow lane system so the cabs are constantly moving.

Aahh we reached shilliong finally at 7.00 PM, we wanted to stay near to the bazaar as we had few shopping plans in mind. However getting a budget hotel is not so easy. We had to search for a couple, or may be more then couple of hotels before finalising Zara residency as the resting place for night.

Stay at Shillong

Night Hotel: Zara Residency, Police bazaar

Just a relaxing stroll in the evening. As for what you can get in police bazaar maybe bamboo and cane works for souvenirs etc, traditional khasi silk items. As for what items you should get before leaving Meghalaya, I would suggest, bamboo and cane works, traditional khasi silk cloth ( dhara and muga) and traditional silk shawls (Ryndia), the best turmeric in the world ( from lakadong village in jaintia hills), pure sohra honey, and it may be a little early but juicy mouth-watering sohra mandarin oranges, spices from sohra like black pepper, dalchini etc, local pineapples, strawberries, kiwi fruit, peaches and plums also, highland tea and green tea like sharawn, urlong, varieties, try to get your hands on locally produced vegetable and indigenous fruit pickles, as well as chillies like sohmynken Khnai and sohmynken Beb varieties

Day 2: Tue, 29 September – Shillong – Mawlyngmba – Mawsynram – Mawphlang (130-145 KMs)

Shillong sightseeing

Shillong Peak (10 Kms)* 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM – 9 AM

View of Shillong from Peak

Elephanta Falls (12 Kms)*( 100 steps down 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM)- 10 AM

We @ Elephant Falls

En route to Mawsynram the complete road is picturesque.

Made for each other... always...

Mawsynram sightseeing

Mawjymbuin cave – 2:00 PM

Mawjymbuin cave

Had lunch at an local hotel. , En route to Mawlongbna

Anisha flexing her muscle after a long journey n car

One of the few Timber bridges still exist.

Timber bridge @ Mawlongbna

Mawlongbna, Lawbah sightseeing

Umkhakoi water reservoir -3 stage waterfall - Rafting at Umkhakoi reservoir – 4:00 PM

Umkhakoi Water Reservoir

Amrita rafting @ Umkhakoi Water Reservoir

Umkhakoi Water Reservoir

Reached MaplePines Farms by 7:00 PM

Night Hotel: MaplePines Farms

Place we missed near Mawsynram
Symper Rock- not needed
Jakrem Hotsprings – depending on time
Mih Um Artesian spring

Places we missed at Mawlongbna
After 40 minutes trek (3 to 4 kms)
Kshaid Umdingkain waterfall
Ar Phalat falls
Mih-Um Spring - A small waterfall located at a walk able distance from the spring.  viewpoint
Pitcher plant area- a.k.a Nepenthes Khasiana pitcher plant flowers to taste their juice
Fossils of sea-creatures that are remnants of an era when the entire area was covered by the expanse of the seas.
Grounds of a fabled Animal market place – Ka Iew Luri Lura - Animal footprints
Phantom waterfall.
Krem Pomskei Cave,

Day 3: Wed, 30 September – Mawphlang – Cherrapunji /Sohra (120-130 Kms)
BreakFast @ 8:00 AM

MaplePines Farm

MaplePines Farm

Leave Mawphlang after breakfast and proceed to Sohra. 

Start at 10:30 AM

Mawphlang sightseeing

Mawphlang Sacred Forest (10:30 -11:30) Khlaw Kyntang (Sacred Grove)(Mawphlang)

Mawphlang Scared Forest

Mawphlang View point

Guide- Contact them directly - 98360 82456, 80147 74665..
Service 1: Culture/Nature Introduction to Mawphlang Sacred Forest.
Price: Rs. 200. /   Groups or Individuals with 6 persons or less/guide.
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.
A nice short introduction: for those who going on to Cherrapunjee, Mawsynram or other places. A trained guide will accompany you from Mawphlang Sacred Forest Gate, giving you a brief Introduction to Mawphlang Sacred Forest; its History, some folklores surrounding it, interesting antidotes and stories as well as a walk to some of the historical sites for village meetings and Religious ceremonies of the Indigenous Khasi Religion.

Cherrapunji/Sohra sightseeing

Mawkdok Dympep Valley view point/ Duwan Sing Syiem Bridge

Mawkdok Dympep Valley view point

Ka Kper Syiem Sohra (cremation ground of the Sohra Syiemship) Kper ki Syiem Sohra - SOhra Kings crematorium

Wah Kba Falls (2 kms before Ram Krishna Mission)

Wah Kba Falls

Wah Kba Falls

Wah Kba Falls View Point
Dain Thlen Falls

Dain Thlen Falls

Night Hotel: Sohra Plaza Homestay 

Mr. Wanphai Nongrum
Sohra Plaza Homestay
Near Sa-I-Mika Park
Sohra - 793 111
        +91 9774970825
        +91 9436308007

Places we missed at Mawphlang
Mawphlang Dam

Day 4: Thus, 01 October – Cherrapunji /Sohra – Mawlynnong (90-100 kms)

Cherrapunji/Sohra sightseeing

Thangkharang Park
.• Kynrem falls
Thangkharang Park - View point of Kynrem Falls

Khoh Ramhah Rock
Khoh Ramhah falls

Khoh Ramhah Rock
Mawsmai Cave- Mawsmai Falls - Ka Krem Mawsmai

Mawsmai Cave
Nohsngithiang falls/Seven Sister Falls

Nohsngithiang Falls - seven Sister Falls
Eco Park - Nohsngithiang falls View point

Eco Park - Nohsngithiang falls
Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls - Rainbow can be seen
After Lunch, Proceed to Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong Sightseeing

Mawlynnong village,

Mawlynnong Village
Sky view

Malit out Guide(Driver) at the Sky View

Night Hotel: Mawlynnong - Halarympei guesthouse Homestay

For staying in guesthouse and homestay in mawlynnong for tourist and travellers (backpackers) in a very good price starting from 500 per night contact +91 8014992189(Embor) he is a good guide and he operate tours and for sharing jeep or sumo it will cost you 150 per head from shillong to mawlynnong. Private car to hire it will 1700-2000. Guwahati to shillong sharing cab 170 from rail station and from airport 500 per head direct to shillong.

Places we missed at Cherrapunji/Sohra
Ka Bri Ki Synrang (Garden of Caves), Laitmawsiang- (Bri Ki Synrang (Maw Dohnud),5km off main road at Laitryngew) - Them Sil falls, Dam Um falls, Tem Sing Lar and Um Lwai falls
Arwah Lumshynna Cave, Pdengshnong, Sohra (fossils in rocks visible at places) – just beside Ram Krishna Mission
Ram Krishna Mission
Don Bosco Shrine
Nongsawlia church
Welsh Cemetery
Pillar Rock
Double decker root bridge
Mawmluh Cave (Optional)

Day 5: Thus, 02 October – Mawlynnong - Dawki – Shillong (130 Kms)

Mawlynnong Sightseeing 

Riwai root bridges (living root bridge),

Route to Riwai living root bridge

Riwai living root bridge

Anisha having fun @ Riwai living root bridge
,• Langkawet village
Lyngkardem Viewpoint
Borhill falls,

we @ Borhill Falls
Neriang falls & falls at Umniuh Tmar region
Umniuh tmar falls

Umnium tmar Falls
Umngot river

Umngot River @ Dwaki
Umngot River
Tamabil Bangladesh border outpost

Proceed to Shillong via Dawki and do boating at Umngot River which is border of Bangladesh

Mist covering the roads

Shillong Night Stay at shillong

Places we missed at Mawlynnong
Balancing rock
Bio reserve,
Byrdaw Falls at Pomshutia

Day 6: Sat, 03 October - Guwahati – Kolkata (130- 140 KMs)

 Shillong sightseeing

Butterfly Museum* Sat 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Don Bosco centre of Indigenous cultures (famous and architecturally interesting museum) 09:00 am to 05:30 pm – Rs. 100 – 2 hours
Beadon & Bishop Falls*

Us @ Beadon & Bishop Falls

Left Shillong by 1:00 PM

Umium lake.(Barapani)
Proceed to Guwahati

Guwahati Sightseeing (4:30 PM)

kamakhya temple (6:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

kamakhya temple
Back to Kolkata - Train at 9 PM – Reach Station by 8:55 PM

Ticket Details

Transaction ID :
PNR No. :
Train No. & Name :
Date of Booking :
Class :
Quota :
Date of Journey :
From :
To :
Boarding At :
Date Of Boarding :
Reservation Upto :

Schedule Departs @ 21:00

Places we missed at Shillong
Ward's Lake*
Spread Eagle Falls (Shillong Cantonment) - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sweet Falls (8 Kms),
Cathedral Catholic Church - Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians
Lady Hyde Park - All days of the week 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Capt. Williamson Sangma State Museum
Golf Course*

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